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Some Information Regarding Alternate Shipping Addresses

In certain circumstances, when a customer specifies a shipping address which differs from the credit card's actual billing address (for example your work address), we may require you to contact your credit card and add the shipping address to your account. They call this an "Alternate Shipping Address". This does not change your account or your billing address, it only adds an authorized shipping address to the account.

It is important to note that you are NOT required to add the Alternate Shipping Address permanently. You can request for your financial institution to temporarily add the alternate shipping address to your account. In this case, the alternate shipping address will only stay on your account for about 24 hours, more than enough time for us to call and confirm. In addition, once the address has been verified once, we do not require verification for future orders. For corporations, a first-time verification and Sales Certificate will be acceptable methods to not have to add each order's shipping address to your card.

You may ask why you have never had to do this in the past with other online transactions. The reason is due to the specific merchant or online store from which you are attempting to purchase an item. Each merchant is required to follow certain fraud prevention procedures for online orders, however, not all decide to require mandatory Alternate Shipping Address approval. Some merchants, such as Enter Computers, take special care to ensure the safety of your credit card transactions and online purchases. Others do not. These extra steps are not intended to cause you "extra work" or frustration. This precaution is only to protect the security of your account.

By following the procedure below, you will be able to protect your credit card account and notify future merchants that it is safe to ship to that address.

How to add an Alternate Shipping Address

  1. Call your credit card company using the telephone number on the back of your card.
  2. Tell the customer service representative that you want to add an "Alternate Shipping Address" to your account. Give the representative the shipping address where you want us to ship your order.
  3. Contact Enter Computers by phone to let us know that you have updated your account. Our phone number is (310) 605-0101.
  4. Enter Computers will contact your credit card bank and confirm your "Alternate Shipping Address" has been added to your account.
  5. Once your Alternate Shipping Address has been confirmed, we will release your order for shipment.

Each year, merchants lose millions of dollars due to fraudulent use of credit cards on the Internet. In an ongoing commitment to reduce fraud associated with phone and Internet orders, Enter Computers has implemented these procedures to help protect our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we hope you will appreciate our efforts to keep your online purchases secure.