HP LaserJet All-in-One 250-sheet Paper Trays (Q7556A) 3390 3392 M2727

HP LaserJet All-in-One 250-sheet Paper Trays (Q7556A) 3390 3392 M2727

  • Vendor:Hewlett Packard
  • Category: HP, Printers
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With an added input capacity of 250 sheets and media flexibility, this accessory supports greater productivity and less printer management. Have different print media ready when you need them, and print up to 500 pages without losing your momentum.

  • Enhance media flexibility
  • Save time by replenishing your paper tray less often. Add this paper tray and print an additional 250 sheets without reloading for up to 500 sheets total input capacity. Less intervention means fewer interruptions.
  • Increased paper-handling capacity enables greater productivity and smoother workflow without having to manage paper resources and wait for jobs to print.
  • This input accessory allows simultaneous access to two media types. Load different paper types and sizes into each tray for multiple paper-handling options and save time from manually changing paper types.
  • Increase productivity with greater input capacity
  • Reduce user intervention for fewer interruptions